Instantly synthesize stunning moving imagery from the comfort of your computer, phone, tablet, or Google Daydream VR headset.

Visionmaker by 3D STAR is a novel polyformic 3D video synthesizer suitable for anyone who is interested in real-time procedurally generated VR.


Sliders allow you to smoothly adjust several modifiers, parameters, and effects to expand artistic range. Use the Size slider to adjust the size of the generated shapes, and the Tempo slider to adjust the speed of the animation.


An optional feature called Motion is available for in-app purchase. The Motion feature is used by activating any of the buttons that appear in the new Motion menu.

The Motion controls enable the user to view their artwork from any point in space, providing inifinite fresh new perspectives. To demonstrate Motion, press Clear, then Scan, then Reverse many times until you can see the larger form. Motion is completely optional of course but is very useful and fun. Plus it is a quick, safe, and easy way to show your support for Visionmaker.


3D Video Synthesizer

Similar to how traditional analog instruments like the Moog Modular make musical sounds without a microphone, video synthesizers generate a variety of visual material without a camera. Using Visionmaker you can rapidly layer multiple forms, colors, particles, lighting, geometry, sequences, phonographic, and other effects, all in real time. This is done quite easily and intuitively using your touch screen, Android TV remote, or Daydream controller. No special skills are necessary to immediately have fun and impress yourself and your friends with your video performances. Expand your infinite creative potential with Visionmaker.


Your Virtual Reality Artistic License

Like a musical synthesizer, Visionmaker magnifies your performance in fun and creative ways. Much more than a pre-programmed music visualizer, with Google Daydream support you become the author of your own visual space.

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Does Visionmaker support OSC?

Yes. And you can find Visionmakers on your network using Bonjour/Zeroconf, in TouchOSC for example.

Is there a Visionmaker template for TouchOSC?

Yes. Download the Visionmaker TouchOSC Template using this link.

How about MIDI support is it there in Visionmaker?

Yes. It's there on Mac and getting better on Android.

How do I control multiple Visionmakers from a single tablet?

First install Visionmaker on all of the devices and install TouchOSC on the tablet. TouchOSC is a paid $4.99 app that makes things easy from or you can use a free one. You can use the Visionmaker template with TouchOSC from Also you can use this app to make Visionmaker start automatically when the device turns on from